What Is Your Biggest Challenge In Initiating The Loan Process?

In a recent poll conducted by Moody’s Analytics, the question was asked, ‘What is your biggest challenge in initiating the loan process?’, to which 66% of bankers surveyed answered the manual collection of financial documents and information and subsequent back and forth with the loan applicant. In the same survey, Moody’s Analytics asked, ‘What percentage of your sales cycle do you spend waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?’, to which bankers answered 30% to 50%. This means that 40% of the sales cycle is waiting on a frustrated customer to provide financial documents.

Keeping track of emails and documents for loan applications is a nightmare. Be it residential, commercial, SBA, insurance or financial advisory, efficient document collection is crucial to maintaining sales velocity and closing more business. Now, Pipedrive users can gather all the supporting financial documents, e-signatures, files and the data required for a loan in record time with Fileinvite.

Today’s highest performing business lenders are automating the collection and management of client financial documents and other information with Fileinvite and receiving the following benefits:


  • Improve employee engagement and save them time for more productive tasks.
  • Shorten the sales cycle by 25% and improve their sales velocity (loan $ per month) by 40%.
  • Provide examiners a more complete (and faster) audit trail for loan exams.

Fileinvite and Performance Insights Announce A Connector for Pipedrive To Eliminate The Problems Associated With Financial Document Collection

The next generation of document collection is here for Pipedrive users with intuitive, powerful features:

  • Financial documents are automatically loaded to Org Record and pipeline Deal. (see image below)
  • Financial document are stored in Pipedrive and transferable directly to LOS (loan origination system). However, Pipedrive user can also back up in any cloud-based system (like Drop Box, One Drive and many others)
  • Pipedrive keeps a detailed audit trail for compliance
  • Pipedrive users can send invites for documents and receive document and reminder statuses in Pipedrive.
  • Everything done in Pipedrive – just one system.
  • Collect digital signatures from multiple parties or monitor where a document is in the review process?
  • Send automated reminders to chase documents so you can get feedback on time?

Performance Insights has built a real-time, and easy-to-install Pipedrive connector for Fileinvite.

Get all the details with the following links:

PRESS RELEASE: Fileinvite and Performance Insights Announce New Pipedrive Connector

SOLUTION FEATURES: Next Level Financial Document Collection

  • Client Portal
  • Forms & e-Signatures
  • Admin & Workflows
  • Alerts & Automated Client Follow Up
  • Security
  • APIs & Integrations

What FileInvite Can Do For You

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What are the benefits of document collection software?

Manually managing credit applications is a painful process. FileInvite removes those pains. Here are the top ways document collection software can help improve your business processes.

Save Time
The right document collection can help you save hours in administrative workflows.

In fact, by using FileInvite you can boost business productivity by an average of 35%.

Save Time

Save Money
Getting time back allows you to work directly on your business.

Get more leads and improve the customer experience to turn those leads into full-fledged customers

Save Money

Have Happier Clients

A sleek client portal makes a great first impression with clients.

Make document uploading from any device easy for your clients and send them automatic reminders on upcoming due dates.

Happier Clients

Increase Privacy & Security

Emails are a vulnerable way to transfer and store information.

FileInvite pulls sensitive documents out of your inbox, ensuring your clients’ personal information is stored in a safe, secure place.

increase Privacy and Security