The Salesforce Lending Hub (iPaaS) is a single platform that provides intelligent integration and workflow automation with an embedded business intelligent engine. The Salesforce Lending Hub has been designed for Salesforce CRM users (sales, loan origination and credit administration). It integrates all popular core processors, loan origination systems, and popular lending systems including Plaid, DocuSign, SBA (E-Tran), and many other systems. The Salesforce Lending Hub allows users to enter application data into Salesforce and have it automatically and paperless enter your LOS. The LOS provides real-time updates and corrections to Salesforce. At closing, all loans are automatically and paperless boarded in the core processor. The Salesforce Lending Hub breaks down enterprise silos, minimizes data entry and automates all manual lending tasks.

Next-Generation Lending for Salesforce Users

Performance Navigator provides seamless 2-way data sync between Salesforce and all your lending systems eliminating paper-based workflows and processes while providing real-time business intelligence (interactive reports, dashboards, and analytics). Performance Navigator eliminates ‘toggling’ between systems and the manual data entry of same data in multiple systems while automating manual tasks and financial document collection. See Performance Navigator reports, dashboards, and analytics.

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Integrate Your Stack. Automate Your Work. Use Your Insights.

The Central Lending Hub Concept is today’s best practice for high performing lenders that centralizes and automates all lending tasks, processes, and workflows in your CRM system. By integrating the entire lending tech stack, it eliminates the need to ‘toggle’ between systems (CRM, LOS, Core, others), automates manual tasks and eliminates paper-based processes. Most importantly, the Central Lending Hub incorporates use models for sales, loan origination and credit administration (in your CRM) while becoming the single source of truth for the entire organization.

Central Lending Hubs are built on the Performance Navigator iPaaS that automates complex workflows, integrates your lending tech stack, and provides smart reports, dashboards, and analytics. Performance Navigator is designed to have a single connector to your CRM system with multiple endpoints (LOS, core, and other systems). The single connector concept uses multiple triggers and actions.

  • Triggers are conditions that prompt an action to happen automatically. They can be scheduled, move records in batches, and react to conditions in other systems.
  • There are sets of actions for every connector endpoint. Actions can have multiple steps and multiple conditions.

The Central Lending Hub Concept will:

  • Reduce Your Time-to-Close a Loan
  • Enhance Your Borrower & Lender Experience
  • Reduce Your Cost-to-Close a Loan
  • Eliminate CRM User-Adoption Issues

Less Work. More Sales Velocity

The Auto-Correct & Update Concept (with Loan Tracker) is today’s best practice for high performing lenders that automates the CRM sales pipeline. Performance Navigator captures real-time loan status and workflow stage and uses those data to automatically update the CRM sales pipeline (automatically and accurately moving deals from stage to stage) and sending alerts and notifications (on-hold, need more information, etc.).

  • Improve Inter-Departmental Communication and Collaboration
  • Enhance Your Borrower & Lender Experience
  • Improve your Data Quality (complete, accurate, and consistent)
  • Eliminate CRM User-Adoption Issues